Refugee Children’s Story Making Global Impact

Check out this amazing stop-motion film, which has been created by refugee kids in Australia together with Monash University researcher Mervi Kaukko (with the support of TRUST-project).
Read more about making of claymation video from the Guardian:…/refugee-childrens-story…

You will find the original story book from TRUST webpage:

Congratulations children and Mervi!

Exciting news! TRUST has published a storybook ”Ali and the long journey to Australia”

Book is based on the field work conducted by Dr. Mervi Kaukko in Monash University, Australia with the help of Noble Park Primary School pupils. Mervi collected experiences of refugee children through ten weeks of storycrafting. All together there were 13 children in a group with researcher as facilitator. Story is fictional but holds a lot of things that children have heard, witnessed or lived through. Read and learn what children want you to learn about their life. TRUST wants to thank children and Mervi of crafting and sharing this wonderful story.

Download link: